bsi compact

  • Product development / formulation (cosmetics, skin care, hair care, hygiene, medical device and more)
  • Product conception
  • Scale-up and support, production
  • Stability tests, challenge tests
  • Regulatory support (PIF, CPNP, safety assessment)
  • Raw material distribution and consulting
  • Technical consulting

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A cosmetic product sold in the European Economic Area (EU) has to comply with the EU Cosmetic Directive 1223/2009. We support you in all areas of product safety.

  • Product Information Files ( PID /PIF) in accordance with Cosmetic Directive 1223/2009
  • Safety reports and safety evaluations in accordance with Cosmetic Directive 1223/2009
  • CPNP Notifications (CPNP = Cosmetic Product Notification Portal)
  • Raw material and literature searches
  • Auditing and monitoring of your productions in accordance with the Cosmetic GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standard DIN EN ISO 22716